BBC Music Day September 2019 – Bringing music to everyone with dementia by 2020

The fifth BBC Music Day takes place on 26 September 2019, and as part of this an ambitious project launches today that aims to bring music to everyone living with dementia by 2020. It is spearheaded by legendary multiple Grammy-winning musician, Nile Rodgers, who has been announced as Ambassador for 2019. Nile Rodgers wants to support the project as he has had personal experience with family members affected by dementia.

Nile Rodgers said: “I’ve witnessed my mother’s and my aunt’s experience with dementia and I know just how transformational music can be for people with this condition. I think this is a fantastic initiative… Everyone faces challenges at one point or another and music can be your greatest ally at those important times.”

BBC Music Day is collaborating with organisations involved with dementia care across the UK, reaching out through their networks and beyond to help people with dementia through music. In September, the latest version of their ground-breaking Music Memories website will launch, which is designed for people living with dementia and aims to stimulate memory through music.

Dr Simon Procter, Director of Music Services at Nordoff Robbins, said: “We’re delighted to be working collaboratively on this important initiative, to ensure that everyone living with dementia can access music’s help by 2020. As music therapists, it is a privilege to work together with people in music, and we know the vital role that music plays in supporting them to live well with dementia. Music is able to ease anxiety, reduce isolation, and to help people to regain their sense of identity – crucially, music can also create a profound feeling of being connected, even when language has been lost, which is so valuable to people living with dementia and their loved ones. It is brilliant to see music in dementia care being championed and given this platform, and we give this initiative our wholehearted support.”

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