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My fundraising history

2019: Nordoff Robbins = £303 (Fifty Gigs In A Day 2019)

2018: Nordoff Robbins = £200 (Fifty Gigs In A Day)

2016: Parkinson’s UK = £70 (In memory of my dad)

2013: Cleft Lip & Palate Association (CLAPA) = £498.29 (Staines 10K)

National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) = £52.95 (Staines 10K)

Cancer Research UK = £695 (Dorney 10K – I donated my running legs for an event in memory of a fellow Magnum fan, the hard part of fundraising was done by his family, friends, fellow fans and the band members)

2012: Fifty Fifty – EBay auctions of signed items for the Make-A-Wish Foundation UK = £457.50

Staines 10K for Children with Cancer UK = £729.95

2011: Well Read – a sponsored read with my daughter for Surrey Young Carers £89

All Booked Up– EBay auctions ofsigned itemsfor Beating Bowel Cancer £1,392

My daughter took part in a Race For Life in July with her auntie and cousins raising £140

2010: Staines 10K ‘Shirt of Hurt’, borrowing an idea from Danny Baker for ‘Sports Relief’ whereby you wear your team’s most hated rivals top. For me this meant running the Staines 10K in a Port Vale top for the Macular Disease Society £569

2009: The Great Bid ‘N’ Buy Fundraiser – EBay auctions of various signed items for the National Tremor Foundation, the Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust, Parkinson’s Disease Society, White Lodge (Surrey), Donna Louise Trust (Stoke) and the RNIB £1,663

2008: Forty Nights – for my 40th birthday I put on a charity gig compered by the legendary author Robert Rankin raising £384 for Nordoff Robbins and Spelthorne Crossroads for Carers

2007: Regent’s Park 10K for the Parkinson’s Disease Society £1,013

2000: ran around the WHS Travel central London train and tube station shops for the Royal Marsden Hospital £150

1999: completed the London marathon for the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust £400

1998: completed the London marathon for the British Heart Foudation £500

1985: My first fundraiser, completing the Focus 5K around Trentham Lakes for the North Staffs Heart Foundation £100


 Top 10 highest bidded items (to date) 

(Final selling price listed at the end of each item)

1  Rebus (Ian Rankin) malt whisky (for Beating Bowel Cancer)       £1,319.00

2  Signed Red Dwarf script (for the Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust)  £857.77

3 Guitar lesson and lunch with John Mitchell (It Bites/Arena/Frost) (for CLAPA) £370

4  Signed Pendragon ‘Passion’ CD/DVD (for Make-A-Wish Foundation UK)  £105.00

5  Signed Harry James (Thunder/Magnum) drumsticks (for Donna Louise Trust) £103.00

6  Vinny Burns guitar lesson (for the Macular Disease Society) £62.00

7  Signed Eden’s Curse goody bag (for Parkinson’s UK)  £54.01

8 John Sinclair’s tour jacket from his days in Ozzy Osbourne’s band (for Make-A-Wish Foundation UK) £46.45

9 Signed FM CD (for the Macular Disease Society)  £41.00

10  Signed Rodney Matthews ‘Sleepwalking’ poster (for Parkinson’s UK)  £35.27

Total  = £2,973.50


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The idea is to have a whole host of gigs/events mention via their social media posts the work of the Nordoff Robbins charity on and around the 8 February each year

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