Jedward complete a marathon without training?

Interesting running story on the BBC website saying that Jedward recently completed the Los Angeles marathon without any training. Some question over what time they finished in and if indeed they had done no training. The pair are full of spirit that’s for sure plus will have natural fitness through their youth and energetic stage moves! The London marathon director David Bedford famously entered on the day back in 1981, although he had done many miles in his competitive athletic days.

I have completed three marathons to date – London twice in 1998 and 1999 and the Potteries in 1998 – and I ran lots of warm-up races at 5K, 5 milers, 10K, ten milers and half-marathons. The key I was told by experienced marathon runners is to build up your stamina as it is the time you are out running that can be the real test, that and the infamous wall. Another top tip is the day after a big race and your legs hurt when walking down stairs go backwards down the stairs, much easier.

Good luck to those training for the London marathon a really special day, even if you do get overtaken in the closing stages by a runner wearing a Big Ben costume as I did back in 1998 🙂

One thought on “Jedward complete a marathon without training?”

  1. They simply FAKED completing the marathon. Conveniently they did not register so no time splits. But I was able to locate them at different spots along the course and at different times and the sighting make no sense and is physically improbable that they ran.

    These are their times and locations of sightings:

    9:10AM at Mile 10
    9:20AM at Mile 13
    9:46AM at Mile 22
    11:33AM at finish line

    Note that from Mile 10 to 22 it took them a mere 36 minutes.

    All these are verified by KTLA broadcast video, photos, official splits of people around them, and my own sighting of them (at the finish line).

    See below for all the gory proof of their faking the run. Driven around town and dropping in for photo and video ops….that’s how they did it without any preparation.


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