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Paul Strickland Scanner Centre – Plant and Cake Sale 15 May 2017

Opportunity to meet and quiz Royal Ascot’s head gardener at Mount Vernon Hospital charity event

Local gardeners pulling at the reins to get their plants into the ground once the risk of frost is over will have the opportunity to meet and seek advice from Royal Ascot’s head gardener, plus stock up on plants and enjoy a cake, during a charity fundraising event during May.

Royal Ascot’s head gardener Jeremy Lockwood, assisted by experienced gardener George Ives, will put some of their plants up for sale in aid of Paul Strickland Scanner Centre, an independent medical charity at Mount Vernon Hospital. The charity provides life changing CT, MRI and PET/CT scans used to diagnose and monitor mainly cancer but also other serious conditions. Money raised through the sale will be used to make sure patients can benefit from leading edge scanning equipment and furthers medical research into cancer and other conditions.

* The plant and cake sale is taking place between 9am and 2pm on Monday, 15 May at the Appeals Office, Paul Strickland Scanner Centre, Rickmansworth Road, Mount Vernon Hospital, Northwood, HA6 2RN. Bookings are not necessary, but you’re advised to attend early as the plants sell very quickly. Donations are welcome, and if you would like to contribute plants and/or cakes, please ring 01923 844290.