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Album release: Maybe Dreamers by Dandelion Charm – ‘accessible prog with just a hint of jazz’

Album release date: 2nd November 2019 (digital and CD formats)

Featuring the duo’s signature blend of intricate harmonies, soaring melodies and Olah, their beautiful jumbo twelve-string guitar, Maybe Dreamers is the brand new album from Dandelion Charm. The overarching theme across the album’s ten tracks is an exploration of collective and individual relationships with new media, and the pursuit of fulfilment through consumption. Musically it is more prog and yet more accessible, with just a hint of jazz influence.

John Fowler: “I’m so pleased with this record! Maybe Dreamers reflects our growing confidence and just has more of everything! It’s punchier, darker, proggier in places, yet lighter and more accessible in others. It’s a varied record that hangs together beautifully. It’s definitely Dandelion Charm and I’m really proud of it!”

Very much a personal as well as a creative partnership Dandelion Charm is the inspiration of John and Clare Fowler, based in Newhaven (near Brighton) on England’s south-coast. With a background working in a commercial studio, John brings over twenty years of song-writing and production experience. Clare, meanwhile, is a long-time visual artist and performer and her love of storytelling manifests itself in her heartfelt lyrics and emotive delivery.

Clare Fowler: “Its hard to define Dandelion Charm by one genre alone. We tend to describe ourselves as a bit rocky, a bit folky and a bit proggy. John and I love the process of writing and refining songs so that regardless of whether they are heard as a live duo, trio, band or recording they still communicate a powerful story.”

John Fowler: “Dandelion Charm is just all the things that I love rolled into one! I’m just making the music that I want to hear, and it’s wonderful that so many other people seem to want to hear it too!”

Dandelion Charm’s debut album Tiny Drop was released in 2015. This was followed by a five-track EP Riding The Flood in 2018. As word of Dandelion Charm has spread, following a string of positive reviews, their performances have enthralled audiences at Purbeck Valley Folk Festival, the Cropredy festival fringe, the Cambridge Rock Festival and Brighton Pride – to name just a few.

The release of Maybe Dreamers will be marked with a special launch gig on 2nd November when Dandelion Charm will be performing songs from the album at the Brunswick, Hove’s premier music and arts venue.

Track By Track

Here, Dandelion Charm guide us through each of the ten tracks on Maybe Dreamers:

Cult of More – This short track is an intro to the album that sets the scene. It’s about our obsession with screen use and its influence on our society.

Stephanie – Stephanie is a song about disappointment, failed expectation, loss of innocence and shame. The character of Stephanie is an every-woman, embodying the journey into womanhood. The train is a metaphor for time which moves relentlessly forward regardless of a desire to step off or go back to a simpler more unworldly place.

Maybe Dreamers – The title track is a comment on society’s dwindling creative population. It describes an increasingly dumbed-down society that is mercilessly sold cheap thrills, where truly creative people can feel ostracised and deflated.

Not Just A Kiss – The lyrics to this song were written by Martin King, it’s a beautiful and whimsical love song. It was recorded initially for his album White Sands Desire and Me, which was produced by John Fowler. With its classic vocal harmonies and twelve-string guitar, the track is undeniably Dandelion Charm and won its place on the album.

Arrogance and Blackmail/PityBomb – These two tracks are essentially one song (Saviour for the Lesser Man). It deals with manipulation and the pulling of heartstrings for personal gain. The lyrics were initially written as one huge rant, and as the songs developed they went through many versions as separate songs. Recurring themes both lyrically and musically bonded the songs together and eventually, John and Clare conceded that they needed to sit together on the album.

Afraid of the Silence – This song is about the incredibly powerful influence that consumerism and the media have over us. Life is finite – there is only so much time. Are we spending it wisely, or just pawns?

Trying Hard – Trying hard offers an alternative message of resistance to relentless marketing and consumerism. Its a call to others who are striving to spread understanding, to bring people together, to be creative in a society that seems hell-bent on promoting greed, destruction, and hatred.

Isolate Resolve – This is a love song. It describes two people singularly resolved to appreciate and care for each other despite all outside influence.

Flicker – Flicker takes its place as the album’s outro. Its message is simple; all that matters is our relationships. Treasure those around you. There will come at a time when they, and we, are just memories.