10 quick workplace wellbeing wins
Let’s be honest, it’s easy for workplace wellbeing to fall off the agenda every now and then. There’s always something getting in the way, whether it’s battling your inbox, dealing with difficult customers, or trying to meet a deadline. But when we prioritise wellness, those other tasks don’t feel quite as stressful.    Not sure where to start? Here are 10 quick wins you can implement right now…
Five symptoms of anxiety no one talks about
Anxiety can show itself in many different and subtle ways, often sneaking up on us before we’ve really realised what’s happening. So, understanding the symptoms of anxiety to watch out for can help you to address the root cause sooner. Here, we are sharing five warning signs that people often aren’t aware of.  
Happiful’s podcast returns with Will Young
Our podcast ‘I am. I have’ is back, and have we got some great conversations for you! We kicked off series eight with Will Young, who shared his own experiences and the motivation for writing his new book Be Yourself and Happier: The A-Z of Wellbeing. The podcast also features the gentle snoring of his beautiful rescue dog Domino…   You’ll find ‘I am. I have’ on all podcast platforms as well as Happiful’s YouTube channel
How to beat acid reflux
Ever found yourself struck with a burning sensation in the throat or chest? Or have issues with burping and indigestion that make you feel as if you’ve got a lump in your throat? These are all common acid reflux symptoms, which, while not usually serious, can be extremely uncomfortable and impact your mental health. Here, we’re sharing tips for beating acid reflux with dietary changes
Keep it rolling
Sign up for a rolling subscription for just £5.99 per month​, and get the latest Happiful magazine delivered straight to your door. Automatically renewing for each new issue – with the option to pause at any time – it’s the fresh, convenient way to enjoy Happiful. Also, you never worry about extra charges, as you can enjoy free postage to UK and NI addresses. Happy reading!  

Once you’ve finished your magazine, join our friendly, supportive Facebook group, where you can connect with other readers and wellbeing professionals to chat about all things mental health. 

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