Journal of an anxious man :)

Like many out there in the real world (as opposed to the fantasy world of social media), the ongoing pandemic has really been affecting peoples well-being and metal health. Certainly for me the lockdowns, which started in March 2020, sent me into full on panic/anxiety mode and I am now on medication to help me, which it does. But you also need to have some coping strategies and people support (which I am very lucky to have).

The coping strategies often form part of Cognitive Behavioural/ Therapy (CBT) which is not as scary as it sounds! I attended a six week course back in 2019 via MIND and it proved very useful. However, I have been a bit lax on doing worry time and proper relaxation techniques. One strategy which my wife said to try was journaling and here I am 🙂 Well, blogging as like many I hardly use a pen and paper nowadays.

I am aiming to jot down my thoughts & feelings each day if possible, or at least a few times per week. The reason for making this public is not because I am a show off (far from it!!!) but in the hope it may help somebody else and to hear other people’s experiences. Please do feel free to comment.

Each post will also feature my Tune of the Day as music is very important to me and has been a constant companion from early on in my life.


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