MILTON HIDE – debut album news

Go support Milton Hide, a very talented duo and looking forward to hearing their debut offering…

The Rockin' Chair

Theresultsare in!

We had some great suggestions for the namefor our first album and can now reveal the chosen name is………..
Temperature’s Rising!
We’ll show you the album artwork before too long!

Thank you SO much toeveryone who has supported ourCrowdfunder project so far. We are a third of the way to our target and have 13 days to go so we would really appreciate it if you could spread the word for us – tell yourfriends, share the link onsocial media andshare some of our posts on social media (we’ve been REALLY busy!)

Our album will happen – we have started recording -but we still need to help to realise its full potential. Have a look at our video below to see how excited we were on our first day in the studio.

Here’s a short video showing just how excited we were to be going into the studio…

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