Please help us to support more families like Cis and Joan to find joy and connection again through music

Dear Jason With Christmas fast approaching, the festive season is a time of joy and the chance to connect with family and friends.  However, joy and human connection are the two things that can be lost if your loved one develops dementia.   Right now, there are 1 million people living with dementia in the UK. At Nordoff Robbins we want to use the power of music to help more families affected by this disease, so please consider making a donation this Christmas, and helping us to support more families like Cis and Joan to find joy & connection again through music.
Joan’s mum, Cis, was diagnosed with dementia in 2016. She explains: “It really is so hard to see someone you love’s abilities and memory, their personality, fading in front of you. But then music therapy came into our lives… The singing started – at first mum didn’t join in, but she looked like she was enjoying herself. Then John, the therapist, played the opening chords to ‘Over The Rainbow’ and just like that, mum burst into song…  
Read Cis and Joan’s Story here
Music therapy and dementia
In the hands of an expert therapist, music can help ease anxiety and disorientation, and unlock memories. Music becomes a way to still engage meaningfully with someone even when they’ve lost language, and this is key in breaking down the social isolation that is too often considered inevitable with dementia. 
So this Christmas why not give the Gift of Music and help us help more families affected by dementia find joy and connection again. Making a donation is simple, just visit our website to donate directly to our Christmas Appeal.  We’re the largest music therapy charity in the UK, but we don’t receive direct government funding and rely on generous supporters like you to continue our work.

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