Nordoff Robbins – jonathan’s story

There’s few things more wonderful to see than someone loving their music therapy. So without further ado, I’d love to introduce you to Jonathan, who plays the drums like he’s in The Who! 
Jonathan was first diagnosed with cancer when he was 18 months old and since then, he’s had to undergo a series of surgical interventions and aggressive treatments, including chemotherapy.

It’s hard to imagine how difficult this is for Jonathan. He is often confined to his hospital room for long periods of time, meaning he’s very restricted in his social opportunities, at a time when playing and interacting with others is crucial for his development.
This is why music therapy is so crucial
Despite the challenges he faces, in music Jonathan is able to be playful. Music therapy enables him to take part in a meaningful social activity, which gives him a sense of control, responsibility and joy. It also allows him to spend time with his parents, who love to join in with Jonathan and his music therapist’s music-making.

Read Jonathan’s story and watch him playing the drums with his music therapist here

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