Music therapy in action with Nordoff Robbins

“Music therapy is able to give a voice to the voiceless, it musically includes people who are socially excluded, and gives people labelled ‘ill’ or ‘disabled’ an experience of their own wellness and ability” – Simon Proctor, Director of Music Services at Nordoff Robbins.

Each one of our beneficiaries is unique, as is the music therapy they receive. Whilst our work with people suffering with autism or dementia may be more well known, I wanted to share with you, as a supporter of Nordoff Robbins, these incredible real life stories showing how music therapy helps so many people in so many ways, all thanks to our generous supporters.
Barbara became depressed at just four years old when she went into foster care It’s hard to imagine how traumatic being separated from your siblings and going into foster care at such a young age would be. Yet music therapy is there to help Barbara. As she says “when I have bad memories, I play music instruments. Then all the bad memories go into the instruments and I don’t have them inside me anymore”
Read Barbara’s story from Anna her music therapist 
Gareth suffered a stroke at 47 and finds it hard to speak, yet can sing whole verses of ‘Love Me Tender’ with his music therapist After suffering a stroke on holiday in 2012, language is now very difficult for Gareth and he gets fatigued easily, making him withdrawn and uncommunicative. Music therapy enables him to engage meaningfully again, even singing along with his wife in his sessions
Hear his heartwarming story here
Omolara is a teenager with severe learning difficulties and physical disabilities, but now sings solos in her school show She is non-verbal, finding it challenging to communicate and be properly understood. Music therapy offers her a place to be listened to and valued, giving her the confidence to fulfil her potential 
Watch how much Omolara shines in music therapy
Sadru was diagnosed with cancer at just 18 years old, yet wrote an uplifting song called ‘Staying Alive’ Through music therapy, Sadru was able to write about his experiences with cancer, using music as a means of expressing the emotions and frustrations he was feeling. As Sadru says, “I wanted to shine a light on what I went through so other people can see it and appreciate what they have, and to help them if they are going through what I went through”
Listen to Sadru’s inspiring song
Refugees like Esther who have experienced unthinkable trauma, find relief in music therapy The experiences of imprisonment and torture some of these refugees have faced has left many of them traumatised and isolated. Music therapy provides them a release from their anxiety, offering them an outlet to express what they’re feeling. 
Hear their story from Toni their music therapist here

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