Easyfundraising & Carers Support Spelthorne

Here’s an easy way to raise funds for your favorite cause from charities through to schools and local sports clubs. Simply find your cause on EasyFundraising and then every time you shop online or do a survey a % of your sale or a set fee goes to your chosen cause. They also have EasySearch for all your internet searches, although the money raise this way tends to be lower.

I have added Carers Support Spelthorne for my cause. They support unpaid Carers who are caring for a relative, friend or neighbour. They currently have over 800 Carers on their mailing list, all of whom live in the borough of Spelthorne. Their Carers Support Workers can offer information, advocacy, advice and support. They are able to make home visits, be contacted by telephone or meet in a mutually convenient location or you can visit us in the office.

Its free to register and you can raise some funds for a cause you want to support.

***Training update:

I did another twenty minutes tonight although feeling tired after doing three runs in the space of five days so will have a couple of rest days to recover. Been trying these Zero High5 drink tablets given away with the latest issue of ‘Running and Fitness’ magazine. They look like solphadine as they fizz in the water but thankfully taste nicer! They are meant to aid recovery after exercise and help in fat loss. Taste okay but not sure what effects they have. Any other runners/joggers out there  can recommend me a decent post-run recovery drink?


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